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How it Works


Create Your Wishlist

Add items from around the web quickly and easily.

No idea what to get? Browse our curated list containing hundreds of gift ideas.


Share it with Family & Friends

Send your list via email, text, facebook, etc.

They can 'claim' items so you don't duplicate gifts.


Stay Organized As You Plan Your Gifts.

Easily add new gift ideas to your lists.

Invite others to come and add their own wishlist items.


Track your Progress & Budget

Set a budget for each person you plan to buy gifts.

Don't lose track of time - it sneaks up on you.

  • Whether your family lives next door or in another state, this is the Christmas app for you! No worries about duplicate gifts or what to get them. This app does it all. Have been using it for 2 years and it's GREAT!

    Alan - user since 2013
  • The BEST Christmas app I've ever used hands down! Completely free, no annoying ads, and all the features are included without needing to buy any upgrades.

    Andrew Stewart - Unbiased creator of

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing! Save your money for gifts and charity donations this season.

Can I track my spending?

Yes. You can set a budget per person on your "Nice-List".

Do you have mobile apps?

iOS and Android apps are both available in their respective app stores.

Can others see the items that are claimed or that I add to their list?

No. We take every precaution to keep the element of surprise alive and well. Any items that are 'claimed' or 'reserved' will not be shown to the recipient.

How to report issue / feedback?

Send us an email ( We love hearing from our users.

Ready to create your wishlist and plan your holiday shopping?